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Player Information:
Name: Lel
Age/18+?: 18+
Contact: pm or leloipa on plurk
Other Characters Played: N/A
Most Recent AC Link: N/A

Character Information:
Name: Danny Fenton
Canon: Danny Phantom
Canon Point: After D-Stabilized
Age: 15

Type of Character: Canon
Reference: Wiki

Setting Concepts:
Setting: Midsized American city in the Midwest

Setting Time: Late 2000s, with the occasional time travel episode.

Odd manifestations of ectoplasm and post-human consciousness. They can take the appearance of anything, from animals and mythological creatures to pop stars and postal workers. Some ghosts even seem to represent concepts like nature, weather or time. Many ghosts are actively malevolent, although others are friendly or just want to be left alone. Some ghosts were formerly humans, but others were born as ghosts.  

Halfa: Half a human, half a ghost. Something that is alive and dead at the same time. They can change between human and ghost at will.

Humans who have dedicated themselves to hunting down ghosts in the human world. Most of them believe that all ghosts are evil, and are prone to shooting first and asking questions never.

Guys in White:
A ghost-hunting organization funded by the government.

Amity Park:
A mid-sized American town that used to be normal. A nice place to live, according to the billboards. Has been sucked into an alternate dimension at least once. Currently the most haunted town in America. Its been attacked by ghosts so many times that the daily ghost report has a section on the nightly news just after the weather report.

Ghost Zone: The alternate reality where ghosts live. It is like a mirror of the human world, where everything is reversed. In the ghost zone, humans are the ones who are intangible. The ghost zone looks like an endless void filled with glowing green energy and floating doors and islands. Each door and island leads to the home of a ghost.

FentonWorks: A business which specializes in inventing anti-ghost weaponry. It is owned by Danny's parents and operated out of his house.  Which would explain why his house has a weapons vault and a rooftop operation center which converts into a blimp which transforms into a jet.

Fenton Portal: A permanent interdimensional portal between the ghost zone and the human world. Danny's parents built it in the basement.  It was the portal that turned Danny into a half-ghost.

Fenton Thermos: A thermos modified to trap and hold ghosts. 

Ectoplasm: Ghost energy. Its green, it glows, and it makes no logical sense.

Anti-Ecto Control Act: A law which was passed to control ghosts. It makes it legal to capture and experiment on ghosts. Danny has nearly been arrested under it before.

Dan Phantom: An evil version of Danny from an alternate future timeline that no longer exists. Danny changed his own future to keep that version of himself from ever existing. In that timeline, Danny went insane. He couldn't take the pain after all of his friends and family were killed and tried to remove his ghost half from his human half. His ghost half merged with his arch-enemy's ghost half, probably killed his human half, destroyed most of the human world, and crippled most of the ghosts. The possibility of becoming something like that scares Danny like nothing else.

Christmas Truce: The one day in the year when no ghosts attack. The truce is enforced by all ghosts.


Danny has a laid-back and easygoing personality, but can be very sarcastic and cynical at times. He is very stubborn and over protective of his family and friends. Danny has a lame sense of humor, which often manifests itself as corny puns. In public he seems like nothing more than a typically lazy, klutzy and easily bullied teenager. And in a sense, he is still one. He likes to hang out with his friends and listen to popular music. He enjoys bowling and video games. He is bad at math, but loves astronomy. And Danny has all the typical teenage worries about school and family.

But thinking that was all there was to Danny Fenton would be a terrible mistake. Deep inside, Danny has an overdeveloped sense of duty and a streak of responsibility a mile wide. He genuinely wants to do the right thing, and will do so even if it hurts him. As he put it once, 'I can't ignore a cry for help.' This feeling of responsibility and justice has often driven him to help even people who are normally his enemies. He has a habit of blaming himself every time someone gets hurt that he could have saved.

At the same time, his determination to do the right thing has put him in conflict many times with the desire to use his powers for selfish purposes. He has been tempted in the past To play pranks on the school bullies and to get out of trouble with his parents. But every time he has given into this urge it has always come back to hurt him.

More than anything else, Danny has always dreamed of acceptance. That he could tell the world about his secret and he wouldn't have to fear being shipped off to a lab to be experimented on. That people wouldn't automatically assume he has evil intentions every time he meets them. That they could accept that he only wants to help. And that he wouldn't have to face his own parents as enemies half the time.

He would like to believe that the world would accept his ghost side, but he has spent too much time being treated as a monster by the media and ghost hunters. He has a hard time believing that the entire world could change their minds about him that quickly. He is just a little too cynical to put too much faith in that. At some level he has accepted that he doesn't truly belong to either world. He's too much of a ghost to be human and too much of a human to be a ghost. He will never be just an ordinary kid. And if he isn't okay with it, at least he has come to terms with it.

Living as a supernatural vigilante has left Danny with some lasting personality traits. He is always a little paranoid, always waiting for the next ghost attack or the next ghost-hunter to come after him. He has serious trust issues, as well. The only people he trusts completely are his friends Sam and Tucker, his sister Jazz, and a ghost named Clockwork. He is still wary of adults. He may like some of them, but he never trusts them completely. Perhaps because every new adult he has considered trusting in the past year has ended up betraying him on some level.

Danny's greatest fear is himself. In an adventure with time travel, Danny met a future version of himself that was everything he had never wanted to be. His 'evil jerky future self' (as Danny called him) was a sadistic psychopath who only understood destruction. He had murdered his human half in a way that was 'better left unsaid'. He'd destroyed most of the world simply because he could. He'd murdered an unknown number of humans, destroyed cities, and sadistically mutilated ghosts. When he discovered Danny in the future, he had trapped him there and returned to Danny' present solely to ensure that all of Danny's family and friends died on schedule. Danny is terrified of ever becoming something like that. Worst of all, he could sort of understand some of the decisions that version of him had made, and that scared him. He made a promise to his family never to become that. But hasn't forgotten any of it.

Danny is afraid that some day he won't be strong enough or fast enough to save someone. At the same time, he is afraid of becoming too powerful. From his adventures in time, he knows that in only ten years he could be so powerful that no one would be able to stop him if he ever fell.

Danny is half-ghost. An accident in an experimental interdimensional portal fused ectoplasm into his DNA using massive amounts of electricity. His DNA growls and glows now.

Because of this, he has access to a wide variety of ghost powers.
  • Invisibility
    • He can turn himself and anything he touches invisible.
  • Intangibility
    • He can turn himself and anything he touches intangible
  • Ectoplasmic manipulation.
    • He can shape ectoplasm into a shield
    • He can fire ectoplasm as an offensive attack
  • Flight
    • His top speed is 180 mph
  • Overshadowing. 
    • He can possess a person for a short time
    • This can be blocked by strong will power
    • As an extension of this, he can dreamwalk through others dreams by entering their minds when they are asleep
    • None of these powers will be used without permission and extensive plotting
  • Ghostly Wail
    • A powerful sonic attack strong enough to flip cars and knock down derelict buildings.
    • Danny can only do it once because of how much energy it takes. 
  • Ice generation and manipulation
    • He has an ice core at the center of his ghost side. Because of this he naturally generates ice and can manipulate it. He is not very good at this yet.
    • Because of his ice core he can sense other ghosts.
  • Duplication
    • He can create up to four copies of himself for a short time.

  • Fenton Thermos
  • School backpack filled with textbooks and school supplies
Soul Gem:

Writing Samples:
Third Person:
The problem with being the half-ghost son of ghost-hunters, Danny thought, was the way he constantly ended up in bizarre situations. Apart from, you know, the whole being hunted by his own parents part. Nothing could ever top the sheer wrongness of listening to your parents discussing the best way to dissect your alter ego. Talk about things that no amount of therapy could ever erase.

Still, the point was, if he hadn't been a ghost and if his parents hadn't been incredibly overenthusiastic ghost-hunters he wouldn't end up in situations like this nearly as often. Case in point, the ridiculously oversized and ominous looking invention he was helping his Dad install on the roof of the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle.

"So, uh, Dad, what exactly was it that this did again?"

His Dad puts down the welder and grins broadly at Danny, practically radiating the sense of cheerfully enthusiastic incompetence that had made the Fentons known and dreaded by most of Amity Park. "I'm glad you asked! This, son, is the Fenton Ecto-obliterator! Just wait till you see what this baby can do to that ghost kid! First it will suck him into this box and then the ectolasers fry him until he's nice and toasty! Mmm, toast. Could you toss up the Fenton Ecto-Wrench?"

Pushing down the sense of nausea that particular description had created, Danny fishes through the toolbox and retrieves a completely ordinary wrench with the Fenton logo printed on the handle. The teen rolls his eyes at his parent's obsession with embossing that on everything and hands it up. "And the thing with all the glowing knives you just added?"

"That was the Ghost Ginzu! We don't want ghosts to have any chance to get away. And this way he'll be all sliced and ready for us to study! This time we'll get that ghost boy for sure!"

Danny's face pales at the thought. Why was it that each of his parent's inventions seemed worst than the last? "Right, Dad. You have fun with that. I think I just remembered some home work that I have to do. In my room. Away from here."

Is a non-working vacation too much to ask for? I mean, come on. One day off. After what happened last week I deserve that.

[A dark-haired teenage boy is scowling unhappily into the camera. He sighs heavily and drags a hand through his hair. Somehow it always ended up like this.]

Okay, so let me just get this straight.The giant turtle is actually a thing? Someone isn't just pulling a really elaborate joke on me?  

[He sighs.]

Yeah, never mind. Don't even bother answering that. I think I already know the answer.

Could this possibly get any weirder? [He freezes and moans miserably.] ...Oh, great. I think I just jinxed myself.


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