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Sep. 1st, 2030 09:11 pm
Name: Lel
Preferred Pronoun: She
Contact: pm or leloipa on plurk

Name: Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom
Canon: Danny Phantom

Pull-point: After D-Stabilized

Power Opt-in post link: Here

Content Opt-out post link: N/A

Age: 15

Gender/Sex: Male


As a human, Danny is short for his age and rather scrawny, with a tendency to slump his posture. He has black hair and blue eyes. As a ghost, Danny tends to stand with much more self confidence. His hair is white and his eyes glow bright green. Although not obvious in daylight, he constantly has a pale white glow around him.

Danny grew up as the relatively normal son of a pair of extremely enthusiastic ghost scientists and inventors. But by the time he was fourteen, he wanted nothing to do with his parent's career.

That all changed when his parents finished their life's work. A prototype ghost portal that would open a permanent door into the parallel dimension where ghosts dwelled. When the invention failed to start, Danny was persuaded to enter it by his friends. Only to discover that his Dad had put the on switch inside the portal. When Danny accidentally hit it, the portal started to open. He was still inside.

The accident left him with ghost energy fused to his very DNA and the ability to transform into a ghostly version of himself. At first all Danny wanted was to find a way to get rid of his powers and be normal again. But when ghosts started to attack, he suddenly found a reason for his powers.

He was half-ghost, and he could fight these ghosts at a level that no other ghost hunter could. And with that realization, Danny began his career as a ghost-powered superhero.

Danny has a laid-back and easygoing personality, but can be very sarcastic and cynical at times. He is very stubborn and over protective of his family and friends. Danny has a lame sense of humor, which often manifests itself as corny puns. In public he seems like nothing more than a typically lazy, klutzy and easily bullied teenager. And in a sense, he is still one. He likes to hang out with his friends and listen to popular music. He enjoys bowling and video games. He is bad at math, but loves astronomy. And Danny has all the typical teenage worries about school and family.
But deep inside, Danny has an overdeveloped sense of duty and a strong streak of responsibility. He genuinely wants to do the right thing, and will do so even if it hurts him. As he put it once, 'I can't ignore a cry for help.' This feeling of responsibility and justice has often driven him to help even people who are normally his enemies. 
He gives in sometimes to the temptation of using his powers for pranks and to get back at the bullies, but in the end he always comes back to do the right thing.
More than anything else, Danny has always dreamed of acceptance. He would like to believe that the world would accept his ghost side, but he has spent too much time being treated as a monster by the media and ghost hunters. He has a hard time believing that the entire world could change their minds about him that quickly. He is just a little too cynical to put too much faith in that. At some level he has accepted that he doesn't truly belong to either world. He's too much of a ghost to be human and too much of a human to be a ghost. He will never be just an ordinary kid. And if he isn't okay with it, at least he has come to terms with it.

Danny is half-ghost.

An accident in an experimental interdimensional portal fused ectoplasm into his DNA using massive amounts of electricity. His DNA growls and glows now. Because of this, he has access to a wide variety of ghost powers.
  • Invisibility
    • He can turn himself and anything he touches invisible.
  • Intangibility
    • He can turn himself and anything he touches intangible
  • Ectoplasmic manipulation.
    • He can shape ectoplasm into a shield
    • He can fire ectoplasm as an offensive attack
  • Flight
    • His top speed is 180 mph
  • Overshadowing.
    • He can possess a person for a short time This can be blocked by strong will power
    • As an extension of this, he can dreamwalk through others dreams by entering their minds when they are asleep None of these powers will be used without permission and extensive plotting
  • Ghostly Wail
    • A powerful sonic attack strong enough to flip cars and knock down derelict buildings. Danny can only do it once because of how much energy it takes.
  • Ice generation and manipulation
    • He has an ice core at the center of his ghost side. Because of this he naturally generates ice and can manipulate it. He is not very good at this yet.
    • Because of his ice core he can sense other ghosts.
  • Duplication
    • He can create up to four copies of himself for a short time.
  • Fenton Thermos
    • A thermos which has been altered to act as a ghost containment device.
  • Fenton Earphones
    • A pair of headphones which have been altered to filter out ghost noise. They also act as communication devices to other Fenton earphones.
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