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[Danny's gaze flickers nervously all around the room, barely staying on the communicator for more than a few seconds at a time.]

Am I going crazy again?  Please tell me I'm not going crazy.
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Has anyone seen Mom recently?
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[Danny sits on his bed tightly holding a cloth to his shoulder and trying to clean the salt out of his shoulder.  He'd made it back to his room. Eventually.  Who knew getting shot with salt would hurt this much?  He just lies there for a moment, breathing harshly and clutching his shoulder, before he forces himself to reach for his communicator. 

This sucked.  He just knew anyone he asked for help would freak out.  But of course he just had to get shot in a spot he couldn't bandage on his own.


Jazz?  Don?  Are you home right now?

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Apparently someone thinks they're a comedian.  Anyone else get a lump of coal in the Christmas bribe from the scientists?

[Locked 60%  to Team Phantom: Jazz, Sam, Don, Raph, Mikey, Youmu, and anyone else who knows Danny's secret.]

We've got trouble.   Vampire trouble.  One of them attacked a kid and tried to scare him into not telling anyone.

Thought everyone should know to keep an eye out.


[Locked 30% to Dean]

Thanks for the presents.  But, I have to ask. What's with all the salt?

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[Danny smiles into the camera nervously.  One thing you had to say for hallucinations and firefighting, they were really hard on your nerves.  But not nearly as hard as this was going to be.]

[Locked 60% to Youmu, Perona, Sam, Don, Mikey, and anyone else he ran into while hallucinating]
I'm sorry I freaked out so much on everyone.  But I'm okay now?  All sane and everything.  Not seeing things that aren't there any more. 

Sam?  Can I talk to you?  Please?  With bat winged gummy bears and black sprinkles on top?

[He smiles guiltily.]  And guys?  There's kind of a big hole in my wall now.  Sorry?  It was totally an accident.  Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it up?  Cause its kind of awkward being able to see into Sam's room.

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[Danny had turned on the communicator, planning on asking Sam a question.  But before he can say anything he freezes, staring at something across the room.   His face twists into an expression of complete loss and devastation, even as he jumps jerkily to his feet and screams.]

No!  Mom!  Dad!  Jazz!  Sam!


I did this.  This is all my fault.  I couldn't save you.

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Well, this is weird.  And yet, oddly familiar.
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[Danny is slumped facedown on the couch - and doesn't look like he'll be moving any time soon.  After a few moments he sleepily raises the communicator and mumbles into it,]

Is everyone okay?  No more ghosts anywhere?

And Jazz?  Can I talk to you about something?

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...Mom is back.  And listen, I never really talked about this before, since I never thought Mom would come back here.  But you can't mention anything about ghosts to her.  Especially Phantom.  She's a ghost scientist - and she thinks her job is to dissect and destroy ghosts.  All ghosts.

And she thinks Phantom is her enemy.
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What is going on?
Why am I speaking like this?
Is Ghostwriter back?

[ooc: So  Danny tried some candy.  And now he is stuck speaking the truth in haiku.  No more hiding or lying for the ghost boy. Have fun with that.]
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You know, it just figures.  I finally get some equipment for stargazing and it stays cloudy all week. This-

[And Danny cuts himself off with a yelp  as he suddenly turns intangible and falls through the floor.  Look out below?]
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Jazz.  Sam.  If you're outside right now, get back to the apartment.  I just got attacked by some creep in a uniform.

Actually, everyone should be careful.  There's something very wrong here.
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I don't suppose anyone has any ideas on how you go about exorcising the entire city's water supply?
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[Danny sneaks silently toward the front door of the apartment, hoping to avoid waking any of his roommates up.  Casting one last look around the dark apartment, he quickly types and sends a short text message before stepping through the door into the hallway.]


Hey Youmu, it's time.  I made it out.  Meet you at the Hydroelectric plant?

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[Danny rubs the back of his head sheepishly, carefully avoiding the large bruise covering one side of his face.  He looks completely exhausted, but cheerful.]

So...  I'm back at the apartment now.  Sorry if anyone was worried?
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[It starts with a loud clatter.  That repeats.  Again and again.  This is followed by a muffled yelp and even louder crashing sounds, and finishes with a strangled scream.]

[ooc:  Event Start.  Danny's powers have just surged out of control.  Feel free to start up action tags or situations.  If anyone is curious the sounds were caused by first repeatedly dropping the communicator through suddenly intangible hands, followed by tripping over feet partially phased into the ground, and finished off by a forced and accidental transformation into his ghost form as his ectoplasmic energy went out of control.  See icon for example.]
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Um, Washu?  Could I talk to you about something?
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This... has been one of the weirdest weeks of my life.  And considering my life?  That is definitely saying something.

But more to the point.  Don!  Stop blaming yourself right now.  You didn't make me go along with it.  It was my decision.

And that goes for everyone else too.  It was just as much my fault that we got hurt.  We were stupid, okay?  But everything turned out fine. 

...And Jazz?  I need to talk to you.  In private.

25 Ghosts

Jul. 10th, 2010 08:20 am
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Well, looks like yet another weird day here.  Anyone know what the heck these crystal things do?

[Danny picks up one of the crystals... and nearly drops the crystal from numb fingers.  That...  He knew that place.  It was the Ghost portal.  But before it had been activated.  And that... that was him.  In a white jumpsuit.

Wait a moment!  If he was wearing that, and the portal wasn't activated yet... Oh this was so not good.  With a panicked expression he awkwardly fumbles the crystal into his pocket and desperately lunges to cut the connection on the communicator.  He succeeds, but not before a muted scream echoes out of the crystal muffled in his pocket.

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[Danny walks cautiously through the dock areas, looking around nervously.  He knew Don and Mikey were around here somewhere, but they'd been acting a little weird.  Just like everyone else in the apartment.  Still, it really wasn't safe to stay out here for that long.]

Hey Don?  Mikey?  Where are you guys?

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